Some people might think that Christianity and business do not mix, but they do, given a little thought and help. Established in 1984, the Calgary Chinese Christian Business and Professional Association (CCCBPA) is a charitable, non-profit organization that serves the Chinese community, with a Christian flare.

The Calgary local chapter is just one of many in cities across the country, such as Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto and Ottawa, all under the national umbrella organization, the Canadian Chinese Christian Business and Professional Association.

Why We Exist

Our current goals and objectives are:
  1. To serve the Chinese community and to outreach through workplace ministry.
  2. To maintain a network between churches for collaboration in kingdom work.
  3. To edify and build each other up within this network through peer mentorship and seminars.

Making a Difference

To give you a better idea of what our association is all about, we've listed a few of the ministries we participate in and some of the kingdom work that has been done.

The CCCBPA is partnered with Chinese Christian Mission (CCM).  We work together to help new immigrants by holding seminars on income tax and business.  CCM also provides free periodic magazines, such as "Chinese Today" and "Proclaim", both written in Chinese; and Challenger for English readers.

We have an annual Christmas banquet outreach which brings in around 300 people.  Christian career people are encouraged to invite their coworkers to enjoy a good meal and hear the gospel in a positive, relaxed atmosphere.

In 1992, the CCCBPA participated in the Hong Kong Festival 92.  Among 5 other Canadian Cities, Calgary was chosen to host the festival.  At that time, the association had the ambitious task of linking all the Calgary Chinese Evangelical churches to be united partners with the association, to set up a first class booth in the festival.  The combined effort of the coalition was very successful as the booth handed out tens of thousands of gospel tracts, and also shared gospel music with the crowd through the festival performance stage.  It was estimated that the festival drew 60,000 people over three days.  

In 1996, CCCBPA began a special nursing home project for the Chinese elderly with the Calgary Chinese Evangelical Ministerial Association. This initial effort led to the establishment of the Chinese Christian Wing Kei Nursing Home Association. The vision of Wing Kei Care Centre was born. It took seven years to achieve this dream. The construction of Wing Kei Care Centre was completed in 2003. Some of the directors of CCCBPA also sit on the board of Wing Kei Care Centre and we continue to support Wing Kei through their yearly walkathon fundraiser.    

In 2006, the association commissioned a Baby Jesus painting and distributed thousands of the Baby Jesus posters to offices and shops - plus presented the original artwork to Mayor Dave Bronconnier at the Christmas Banquet. The painting now hangs on a pillar in City Hall's atrium to provoke viewers' thoughts about the real meaning of Christmas.

Together with other Chapters, the Contempo Blog was launched in July 2006.  The Blog provides spiritual encouragement to Christians and meaningful chit chat on daily challenges faced by Christians at work and at home. You are invited to visit the Contempo Blog.

In 2008, CCCBPA chapters from across Canada and S.N.O.W Ministries partnered to spread awareness and raise relief funds for the Sichuan (China) Earthquake.

In 2008, the CCCBPA national conference was held in Calgary.  We reviewed the online survey and had a panel discussion.  The survey was an attempt to get a snapshot of those attending the English speaking services of the Chinese churches in Canada.  The discussion and analysis brought much insight to the issues our congregations face.  The overall statistics from the survey will be given to the Chinese churches as our service and contribution to the local churches.

In 2010, we organized Jesus Expo a non-denominational Christian street festival, which was held in Chinatown. There were Christian stage productions, a free BBQ, various evangelistic booths, and many Christians working together to bring the gospel to the streets of Chinatown.

In 2011, we had a Curling event where we spread awareness of the One Match Stem Cell and Marrow Network and need for more Chinese donors. We sent volunteers to the Stem Cell Drive and brought curling partipants to register in the network. In the Summer, we also had our first Golf fundraiser where we raised money for Wing Kei Greenview, a new supportive living facility in Calgary's Greenview community, which will open in late 2013. The new facility will help to address the tremendous need for continuing care beds in our province.

In 2014, we sponsored the Wing Kei walkathon fundraiser.

Who We Are

Our board of directors includes members from various Chinese churches in Calgary.

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How it All Began

In the summer of 1984, a group of Chinese Business and Professional people were having a BBQ at Don Jung's house. The highlight of the this BBQ was a mutual vision to form a Business and Professional Association. An informal membership list was made, the board elected and the date of our first meeting was set.

A statement of faith and Constitution was drafted and revised until we eventually registered in 1986 as a non-profit corporation. The CCCBPA was originally established in 1986 to:
  1. To serve (service) the Chinese community at large and to witness (outreach) for our Lord Jesus Christ by building bridges from the marketplace to worship place.
  2. To administer and build up (edify) one another within the membership
  3. To allow and encourage Chinese Christian professionals and business people to have a time for fellowship and sharing (networking)
From the outset, the CCCBPA was not created to be another church. In fact it is not our intention to duplicate the church work, but to supplement it. We are simply there to build a bridge for people to go from the market place to the worship place.

Statement of Faith

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